Spread Your Wings And Fly

Spread Your Wings And Fly
Spread your wings and fly

Friday, June 22, 2012

X -"Xtraordinary" Experience

Patty Wysong's A2Z Take 2 writing challenge. It has been an amazing experience participating in this challenge these past months. I can't believe we're up to X already. 

 My husband and I just celebrated our thirty- fourth wedding anniversary this past Sunday, the 17th of June. And being the romantic that he is, Bob, made reservations for us to spend that weekend at Temple Hill Bed and Breakfast in Geneseo, New York. My first response was, “it’s going to cost how much?” My next response upon seeing Temple Hill’s website, and the photos of what can only be called a mansion was, “oh my, do we have to dress up?” You have to understand; I am a born and bred country girl. We live on a farm and have never stayed in a bed and breakfast, let alone one, which looked like a butler, would be greeting us at the door. We did not pack tuxedos and ball gowns however.
Temple Hill Bed and Breakfast

  As soon as we entered the Grand Foyer and were greeted by the owner, my fears of being under dressed were put at ease. Gail, the owner was friendly, gracious, and as down home as my husband and myself. They in fact, are also farmers.

 We felt as if we had stepped back in time, as we were given a tour of the glorious home, which had been Temple Hill University in the 1800’s, and has had only four owners in over 100 years. I had no problem imagining the lady of the house gliding down the spectacular stair case in her floor length gown, or the sound of horses hooves click-clacking up the drive. I could easily imagine neatly dressed servants, scurrying about doing the many chores needed to keep this mansion in pristine condition. And I marveled that we would spend the weekend in this extraordinary home.

One of the 3 friendly cats who welcomed us
 My husband and I spent the weekend being pampered and made to feel like part of the family – family members who did not have to do any chores however. We enjoyed scrumptious home cooked breakfasts complete with homemade strawberry muffins, with fresh strawberries, served on exquisite English china. We sat on the veranda with our morning tea and coffee listening to the birds serenading us. We strolled the grounds and enjoyed the pool. We meandered through the cemetery directly across the road (I love cemeteries) and discovered the Wadsworth Family plot – a prestigious military family who served as far back as the Revolutionary War. We wandered through town and had a picnic by the lake. And when our feet needed a break, we rested in our lovely room. What could be better?
Our lovely room

 My husband and I both agree after our extraordinary experience that we would like to visit more Bed and Breakfasts in the future. We also agreed, and told Gail as much, that our time spent at Temple Hill set the bar very high for other B&B’s, which we may visit in the future. I cannot imagine a better way to have spent our thirty- fourth wedding anniversary.

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