Spread Your Wings And Fly

Spread Your Wings And Fly
Spread your wings and fly

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am now part of an interesting writing challenge, through a writing group I am part of. We will over the next few months, go letter by letter through the alphabet. Each week writing something to do with the letter for that week. Since I am a week late in joining this challenge, I am opting to cheat on the letter "A" and am posting a picture of my word, "Angels" rather than writing an article. I will say however, that I do believe angels are all around us - maybe the cashier who has a kind word for us on a stress filled day. Perhaps the kind gentleman who helps you pull your shopping cart through the sludge and snow. Or perhaps, one of God's angels, sent to do his usher us home while our loved ones grieve. What I do believe, is angels are in our lives, we may only need to open our hearts to see them.

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