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Spread Your Wings And Fly
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

K - Family Keepsakes

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My husband and I recently finished the daunting task of repainting three rooms in our house. Our living room, dining room, and entrance way. We worked hard to choose just the right colors, for our home, which is over a hundred years old. We knew we wanted to be able to keep the historical look, and that we wanted yellow. After weeks of planning, and work, (mostly my husband’s) we have success. I love it.

antique stove lifts
Our home is filled with antiques, family heirlooms, family photos, as well as trinkets and other gifts given to us by loved ones. To me, each one of these items are valuable keepsakes. Things which we keep, for the sake of love.  As one travels from one freshly spruced room, to the other, they will see our family keepsakes - our family history - in one form or another.

My mother's hutch
From my mother’s hutch and old teapots adorning my kitchen, to my in-law’s antique secretary desk, and half moon china cabinet in our dining room - which are all filled with charming keepsakes -  and on to our collection of old stove lifts, which remind me of my grandfather - and our ever growing collection of whimsical  refrigerator art - keepsakes are a vital part of our home, and our lives. They are a reminder of parents and grandparents whose faces we can no longer see, voices we no longer hear. They are a tie which binds us to generations long gone, as well as children whose lives have taken them far from home. They are a expressions of love from little ones who hold our hearts.

half moon china cabinet
 To some, keepsakes are merely useless dust collectors. If they don’t have a practical use, then they are worthless clutter. A place for everything, and everything in its place. I have to admit, it would be much easier cleaning their house than mine. Old crocks, vintage washboards, oil lanterns, hand-sewn quilts, and walls filled with family photos, may be dust collectors, but they are also part of who we are as a family.

When I walk through my house, yes, I see dust which needs my attention.  But I also see family. I feel warm, comfortable, secure. When I look at the numerous photos of our children and grandchildren, I feel blessed. When I look at the unique keepsakes our sons have given us as gifts, I feel loved. I guess you could even say that our home is a keepsake. It is the house I grew up in. The house I was a child in. It holds my life memories, both good and bad.  And now it’s the house my grandchildren love to visit. They also love our many keepsakes, as they are a connection to people who they adore, and miss.


Our home is long-standing, and over-flows with keepsakes - both old and new. It’s a grandparent’s home, where kids know they are loved. It’s our sons’ home, where their lives were formed, and will always be a part of them.  It’s comfortable. It’s filled with wonderful memories, and new memories are being created each new day. Our keepsakes are a vital part of who we are as a family. They are the keepers of much love.


  1. Thanks for the tour of your home and the beautiful keepsakes that you cherish! I totally get that! My own has little style, but lots of love and memories. What more could I want?

  2. Awesome! As we merge my household with that of my daughter and SIL and my parents, keepsakes become more and more important!

  3. Remodeling can be so overwhelming but also a great time to sort things out and display our treasures which you obviously did so well. Enjoyed seeing your house and your Keepsakes. Great K word

  4. I shared this K word with you! Love those family keepsakes!