Spread Your Wings And Fly

Spread Your Wings And Fly
Spread your wings and fly

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

T - Trust The Pilot

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If you have read my last few posts, you have likely deduced that this past month or so has been a difficult journey for my family. We have experienced the pain of a loved one. We have watched him grow in faith through his arduous walk. We have encouraged, uplifted and prayed during his times of weakness, confusion, healing, and even anger. We know that God has a plan, and that we must continue in faith. 

We have placed our faith in a God we cannot see, and a plan which shows itself in bits and pieces.With the human eye it would appear as if door after door is slamming shut, God's plan seems questionable at best. Yet with every closed door, a window has opened. Our 20/20 eye sight has leaped to the foreground as time continues, and we and our loved one continue the twisting road he is traveling, placing our faith in the one who holds our lives in the palm of His hand.

Our loved one this past month or so has, as he says, spent more time in the air than with his feet on the ground, due to job related traveling. It was on one particular flight that the thoughts of trusting an unseen pilot and trusting God began playing out in his mind. I am sharing the words of our loved one, as he wrote them. I’m honoring his wishes however in allowing him to remain anonymous to all but us. Here are his thoughts.

As we took off for our flight to Las Vegas I have a thought about our assent and all the past flights I have been on in my life

Many times when we board an aircraft we never see the pilot, the person who we will entrust our lives for the upcoming journey. We have never met, nor seen him, but he will speak to the passengers throughout the flight.

As the plane takes off the speed can be felt. It’s bumpy and for some people scary. The plane then becomes airborne and you can see the ground rushing away from you, and all the hustle below. Soon the plane will enter the clouds, which is like a fog, you can’t see anything so you have to trust the pilot. Sometimes the clouds are dark, sometimes not, but almost always there is some light in the fog.

Finally, in the right time, the plane emerges from the clouds into the vast, clear and beautiful sky. No more fog. No more hustle. No more confusion. Just peace. Yet, many times we still can’t see the ground.
 Now various times you’ll hit turbulent weather, or more clouds, and it’s time to again trust the unseen pilot and that he will do everything to get the flight through safely.

 Sometimes on the journey, when you glance out the window you can see through the clouds a little; and other times the clouds disappear and the ground is revealed. And in these times, from that height, the point of view is much different than what we are used to. You won’t see people, cars, or anything specific.

In the end all the passengers make it safely to their destination, because they trusted someone they never met; and even though some of the flight was in blindness or turbulent, the trip was worth it to reach your goal.

Trust Our Pilot
 The flight path is much like life and the Christian walk. Many times we get so caught up in the hustle, it’s hard to see God’s plan. Then as we go through life we encounter fog and turbulent times. But if we can trust God, He will get us through and many times His plan will be revealed. But if not, in the end we make it.

 Our loved one is still placing his trust in our Lord and our pilot. Even through turbulence and times of fog. 

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