Spread Your Wings And Fly

Spread Your Wings And Fly
Spread your wings and fly

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Q - Questions?

Patty Wysong’s – A2Z Take 2. It has been fun and challenging taking part in this challenge with other writers. Check them out by clicking on the icon on my side-bar.

Asking questions, seeking answers, has been a part of our lives since toddler-hood on up. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have freckles and Johnny doesn’t? Where do babies come from? That’s a biggie.

  As we grow from a young child to pre-teen and teenage years, we begin questioning everyone and everything. Our looks, our parents, authority.  The world screams around us, peer-pressure consumes us, wanting to be liked, to be one of the crowd confuses us. 
All bringing more and more questions, and sometimes very few answers.

 Then we reach adulthood, the time we all craved when we were kids. A time when we would be able to stay up as late as we want, watch whatever we want on TV, and in general do whatever we want. No more school. No more tough questions. Only it doesn’t work that way.
 The questions become all the more confusing and serious. Lives, careers, marriages, our children’s welfare and our eternal welfare begin to be questioned. We seek sound advice, and many times the answer we hear is deafening silence. Our questions may lead us toward truth and God’s wisdom or down a different road all together.

 These past few weeks have been a time of intense questioning for a loved one of ours, and our entire family. With the questions have come anger, confusion, discouragement, and grief - as well as growth, learning, wisdom, and a sense of unconditional love. Our minds and hearts have been opened to the big picture, which hovers beyond the pain of the possible smaller picture. And our loved one has grown so much closer to the Lord through his questions and is honestly teaching me a thing or two.

It’s during our most difficult times that we question the most. Why? – Being a question most asked.
  During these past few weeks, during the days gut-wrenching grief God’s very existence was questioned. “If there’s a God why did he allow this to happen?  Why can’t I hear His voice? What’s going to happen?” Over the weeks, God in His infinite wisdom has been slowly answering these questions and more, and ultimately renewing our loved one’s faith.

When we are children we ask our parents the tough questions, trusting that they will have all the answers. Then comes the time we question the very parents we once trusted, knowing somehow that they will love us in spite of our defiance. As we continue our journey we question ourselves, our actions, our motives, the world, and God.  During our times of questioning, it is vital to take time to listen for the answer. 
The world, as my loved one reminded me, is loud, it screams in your face. God’s voice is whisper soft – we need to focus on it to hear it.

  God speaks to us and answers our questions in so many ways. It may be kind words from a friend, a pastor’s message, a song on the radio, a movie, or a book. God is creative in how He chooses to speak to us. And when we turn our hearts and ears to Him answers will come. Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes be patient, sometimes His answer is to tell you how much you’re loved. So ask your questions. Scream your questions if you need, that’s okay He has big shoulders.
 And then – listen.


  1. Beautiful post. I love your last line... sometimes we DO have to scream those questions. But I don't think God minds.

  2. On the flip side of the coin, there comes a time in each of our lives when we have to give up the control of asking questions and give the control to God while we wait in silent listening for whatever answer He gives.

    At least that has proven true for me.