Spread Your Wings And Fly

Spread Your Wings And Fly
Spread your wings and fly

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

U - Unknown Worlds

So, how many of you are Trekkies? I’m not a Trekky, I however, grew up on Star-Trek and the Star Ship Enterprise. Well, let me rephrase that.  I grew up watching Star-Trek and the adventures of the Star Ship Enterprise. Captain James T. Kirk sitting in his captain’s chair, surround by his unique and varied crew, including the always logical, pointy eared Vulcan, Spock - all wearing skin tight shirts, and pants that look like they are expecting the next great inner-galactic flood - setting out on yet another mission – “ To go where no man has gone before.”
They never knew what awaited them just past the second star to the right, or on the surface of a planet from which a distress call has signaled. Will they encounter friend or foe? Will the distress call be valid, or a diabolical scheme to ensnare the Enterprise and all on board? 
 Each week, each 
forty minute episode, (commercials you know), found our crew traveling at warp speed into distant galaxies, exploring unknown worlds, fighting unknown enemies, and at the end of the forty minutes, the Enterprise may be banged up, the crew battered, but they lived to take us with them next week, into even more unknown worlds.

Well, we don’t live on the Star-Ship Enterprise and Captain Kirk, or any of the many other captains, isn’t directing our way. But we travel into unknown worlds on a daily basis. First day of school, entering High School, graduating High School, 
College, First job, Marriage, Pregnancy, Giving Birth, Raising Children, Buying a home, Moving away from home, Watching our children move away, Retirement, Illness, Impending death – Seeking God’s plan in our lives.

God’s Plan? For many of us that is an absurd unknown. After all, we know what our future holds, what our plans are.  We will graduate High School, go on to college and get our degree, while leading an outrageous social life. (Or perhaps the military and serve our country)    
Our Incredible Son
 First day after graduation we land the career of our dreams. We will then meet the perfect person, marry and have 2.3 children. We will live in the perfect neighborhood, and have two cars in the garage. All this leading up to our retirement with a hefty retirement package, which will allow us to travel the world. Sounds like a plan – right? What’s God got to do with it?
 Oh, how God must laugh as He hears us spout our plans. And how disappointed and sad he must be when we completely leave Him out of our life’s plans. Seeking God’s plan in our life may possibly be one of the most mysterious, and confusing unknowns out there. It involves placing our faith in someone other than ourselves, or our degrees, or our work- all tangible, visible things. Seeking God’s plan means placing our faith in what is unseen, and unknown. It involves prayer, patience, faith, wisdom, more patience, trust, and a complete belief in a being we cannot see with our human eyes.

God’s ultimate plan, His big plan is not unknown. He loves us and wants us to have a relationship with Him, to love Him, and to be with Him for eternity in His Kingdom. He loves us so much that He gave His only begotten son that we can live. He gave us His word so we can grow closer to Him, read His word, and know His love. His big plan, for those who seek Him is absolutely known.
  It’s the intricate, everyday life plans that become complicated. Oft times possibly causing us to butt heads with Him, or scratch our heads in confusion as we await clarity as to His plan in our lives. His plans can sometimes come through our most difficult times of pain and healing – times when our questions out number the answers - times of great loss and sorrow. It can also shine through the pure gentle smile of a child.

 His plans often take us out of our comfort zones, and into the unknown zone. His plans can give us butterflies in our stomach and a sense of anticipation like never before, and when we get done butting heads, a joy and peace beyond compare. Okay, there may also a little trepidation as well. After all we are stepping by faith into an unknown world. But we do not step into this world alone.


  1. I can relate to this post in SO many ways, Sandy! In fact, I bought a new journal today to start my "recreation process" Friday that says "Sometimes, on the way to a dream you get lost and find a better one." How true that always was of those old Star Trek episodes! The storyline was always about what happened on the journey, never the destination!

  2. Thank you Niki. I love tat quote. This past month my incredible son and I have been discussing and wondering about God's plan for Adam's life, during and because of a difficult time he's enduring. You are so right about the journey. We almost always want to reach the destination, and not appreciate the on going journey.