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Spread Your Wings And Fly
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

F is for "Father Knows Best"

 How many of you remember the old show, “Father Knows Best?”  For those of you staring blankly at my words, saying, “Father Knows What?”, let me fill you in. This was a Television show which believe it or not was in black and white, shown during the time when we had to actually get out of our chairs to turn the channel knob. Yup, no remote control. This procedure didn’t take too long however, since we only had around five channels.  I know! Hard to imagine. Adjusting the vertical and horizontal hold was the killer. But I digress.

“Father Knows Best,” as well as several other wonderful shows - Leave It To Beaver, Ozzie And Harriet, and Donna Reed - all portrayed family lives, in which, Mom stayed home, (always looking perfect in a dress and heels,  as she cooked well balanced meals and cleaned house. Usually living in the kitchen,) the kids went to school, had chores and actually played together. The father went to work and came home, full of sage advice, and loving hugs for all. Perfectly realistic, right? Maybe not.

 In their, sometimes less than perfect worlds, conflicts occurred, lessons were taught, laughs were had,  and all was well once again with their lives. In under thirty minutes. Saving time for a word from their sponsors.
Beaver has a black eye
 The father in these shows was the strong, wise, compassionate (not always), loving, sometimes a little flaky, head of the house hold. They messed up - but things always worked out. And the family, thanks to, or sometimes in spite of the well meaning father, held strong, until their continued adventures next week.

Sounds just like our lives - right? Didn’t we all have perfect homes? Perfect thirty minute episode lives? Yeah. Me either. Maybe that’s why I still love watching the re-runs of these old shows.
Listening to Betty
 For thirty minutes I can watch, Robert Young, and Jane Wyatt as they solved Bud, Kitten, and Betty’s  life altering problems, always with a lesson learned and a happy ending. If only real life could be as simple.

 Our lives have become more like continuing dramas. The ratings can very from day to day, episode to episode. Problems remain unsolved, even after the drama is over. Black and white, has been replaced by
3D and 4D, explode in your face, 1000 channel, mega screens, which dominate the entire home. Father knows best, sadly for many is more like, Daddy don’t give a darn. (I cleaned it up.) Our family issues have become more complex, even dangerous.

 I know I did not have a “Father Knows Best” life in growing up, neither did my children, nor do their children. Which is why I am so very thankful that we all have a Heavenly Father, who truly does know best. He is always there to listen when we are angry, hold us when we are sad, encourage us when we are down, guide us when we are lost, and even discipline us when we have messed up.
  Unlike earthly fathers, our Heavenly Father never messes up. We may not always understand His ways, but He never makes mistakes. His love for us in unconditional. No matter how fast paced or chaotic our lives, or the lives of our families may become, He is always with us. I find that so very comforting.

 Life will continue to become more and more crazy. We will continue to mess up. Family issues are not thirty minute, easy fix, episodes. Some of us may not have had, or may not have, the best of fathers. Some may not have an earthly father. But we all have The Father. And He always knows best.

What are your favorite old family shows?  

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  1. Great points! I loved all of those you mentioned. When I was real little, my favorite was Lassie (the old black and white one ;-)) My parents and older siblings always got a kick out of watching me as the show ended each week, because invariably I would cry and say, "Doggie all gone" when "she" (actually all of the dogs that played Lassie were male) waved goodbye at the end of the show. :-)

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  3. WOW, Sandy! Love this! As a former pastor's wife I can't tell you how many times I tried to explain that our Heavenly Father and our earthly fathers were not to be compared.
    My favorite family shows were The Cosby Show and Family Ties. These days I'm finding Last Man Standing quite entertaining!

  4. I never watched those shows...never really watched much tv. My family isn't perfect but I've had it so very good. Thanks for reminding me. =]

  5. Thank you Shelley, Niki, and Patty.