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Spread Your Wings And Fly
Spread your wings and fly

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Letter E - Elephants - Elegant Majesty

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A2Z Take2 - Letter E - Elephants

I thought you were afraid of Me!
I love Elephants. They are powerful, gentle, majestic creatures. They sadly have also been hunted for their ivory, used by man for their strength and abused by man in efforts to create circus performers. I am greatly saddened when I see photos of Elephants being mistreated. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. This week, for the letter "E," I want to share some glorious pictures of truly magnificent creatures. These are not my photos, I wish they were, but I can not take credit. I hope you enjoy, and maybe agree that Elephants are very special creations of our wonderful God.

I think you need a hug

I love you too
I just need to rest a minute
Families come in all sizes
This is so sad, This elephant is trying to help his dying friend
The eye of wisdom

Incredible! Baby elephant in the womb
I'm really tired Mom

I love you Mommy
  In my searching for photos of elephants, I unfortunately found too many photos showing the remains of poached elephants with their tusks removed. These pictures both disgusted and nauseated me. Needless to say I did not share them with you. I find it hard to believe that human beings could be so greedy and cruel to destroy these Elegant, Majestic animals.

As I said I love Elephants. And I hope these photos brought you joy, and maybe caused you to smile.

A truly Elegant, Majestic Being


  1. Ooh! The baby elephant in the womb picture is amazing. These are wonderful, so glad you shared them!

    1. Thank you Niki. The baby elephant in the womb really is incredible. Such a miracle.

  2. Elephants are amazing. I've heard they are very social and form tight bonds, as evidenced by some of your pictures. Loved them!