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Spread Your Wings And Fly
Spread your wings and fly

Thursday, February 23, 2012

G - is for Grunt, Groan and Grumble Bones

The continuing adventure of Patty Wysong's A2Z Take 2 word Challenge. Every week we write something to do with the Letter for that week. This week we are up to the letter G. Hope you check it out.

So my husband and I have both hit the age when sitting, rising, or any physical exertion for that matter, is met with grumbling bones, and our owns grunts, groans and umphs.
  He turned the ripe old age of 57 in December, I was able to remain the younger woman for two additional months, before I also met fifty seven head on. Maybe I should say, my husband and I both slammed into fifty seven, with our bodies, joints and very bones, retaliating against us.

My poor husband, since December has spent more time - sitting in his chair, with his head between his legs, or as close to that as possible at this age, stretching his lower back - than sitting upright. After two months of finding lost pennies on the floor, he finally, much to my surprise made an appointment with our Chiropractor. That was the moment I knew my poor hubby was in more pain than he was letting on.
 Due to my former life as a klutzy teenager, and several unplanned trips down our very steep stairs, on my backside. An unfortunate run-in with a sheet of pure ice, in which I was bruised my tailbone and injured a vertebrae - never letting go of my school books I might add. And an equally unfortunate snow mobile incident, as well as life on a farm in general, I have known pain of one degree or another most of my life.  My bones, muscles, and my joints argue with me daily, reminding me of my misadventures. Now along with the usual, grunts, groans, and umphs, when I move is also the resounding OUCH.

I have to say that my initiation into the fifty seven club, has left me, grumpy, and more that a little disgruntled. First, I injured my neck and collar bone region, by doing a simple morning stretch.
 Seriously? A stretch?
 My efforts at loosening my back, was met with an odd and very painful POP in my shoulder. That didn’t sound, or feel good. A month, and a visit to the chiropractor later, it still hurts. Then to add insult to injury, the day after my birthday, as a result of standing on a chair scraping and sanding wood work, preparing to paint, I awoke at 4 am in excruciating pain. I couldn’t roll over, or move in any way without pain. Getting out of bed took ten minutes, with a few tears thrown in for good measure. Three weeks later, still bothers me. Chiropractor appointment tomorrow.

All these, grunts, groans and grumbling bones have caused me to think about my husband’s and my future. Old Age. The way it looks, we may not be going gracefully into the land of Senior citizens. But along with my wonderings about our senior years, comes fear. Will we be crippled? Will we need help? Will we become our parents or grandparents? I hope not.

Hard as it is to do, and I will admit, it’s not always easy.  I have to hang on to faith in the One who gave me this life. I have to trust that whatever our future hold, Bob and I can and will make it together, with the Lord’s help. I don’t look forward to becoming a feeble, old woman. Honestly it scares the grumpy right out of me. But I have to hold fast to the knowledge that God is always with us, and His Grace is sufficient. No matter what our future brings.

So as my husband and I gimp our way from fifty seven to seventy five, and beyond, we will do it with the Lord. We will also do so to the fullest of our abilities, to live those years fulfilling God’s plan in our lives. We also need to learn to take care of the bodies God blessed us with.
And I hope that when we both come to the end of our creaky lives, God
 will say, “Well done.”


  1. Though I'm nearly 20 years younger, I can understand where you're coming from. I am paying for the stupidity of my youth. Some days my knees and back hurt so bad I seriously toy with the idea of getting a cane. I might grab a cool looking one the next time I'm at the Renaissance festival. And what a coincidence, I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow. :)

    1. Ah, Yes, the "wisdom" of the youth. We thought we were immortal and indestructible. Now we're paying for it. Well, if you need a cane, and I hope you don't, a cool one from the Renaissance festival would be eye catching. I hope your chiropractor app't went well. I go back Monday. Snap Crackle and Pop time.

  2. Oh, don't I wish my teenagers would listen to me when I tell them the long-term consequences of their actions!
    Ah well. At 41, I'm starting to experience the beginnings of arthritis in my hands, and have quite a friendly relationship with my chiropractor for my back and neck. Ah well. I find yoga and healthy eating seem to be most beneficial, or at least help enough that I can keep on keepin' on. : )