Spread Your Wings And Fly

Spread Your Wings And Fly
Spread your wings and fly

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

H - "Holy Guacamole Batman" and other fun expletives

Our four year old Grandson came to our house one day - he was still three at the time - and in a moment of frustration said a word which surprised me greatly. As the word popped out of his sweet little mouth, and my eye brows shot sky-ward, Mason immediately covered his mouth and looked at me sheepishly. Not quite sure what he had said, or why it was wrong,  he could tell by my face that he had goofed.

 This led to a Mimi, Mason time, in which we discussed that grown-ups do in fact say words that they should not, but that children, and yes, even the grown-ups should not say them. This moment led to a time of belly busting laughter, as I proceeded to teach Mason some fun words which we could use during those times of frustration, or anger.

Mason found anything that ended in Batman as particularly hysterical. Holy Macaroni Batman, Holy Moly Batman, Holy Mackerel Batman,  and my favorite, Holy Guacamole Batman. I crack up each time he tries to say it. “Holy Gramoly Batman.”

We have discussed that God's name is not a bad word, but using it the way many people do is wrong. So we worked on “Oh my goodness.” It is now one of his favorite phrases. A couple weeks ago Mason was very sick with a painful ear-infection, as well as a sore throat and pneumonia. His mom said he sat on the couch holding his little throat saying, “Oh my goodness, what’s happening to me.” AWWW! It broke my heart, and made me incredible proud at the same time.

Mason and I continue to work on really fun expletives, for those difficult times. “Fiddle sticks, Oh, cheese and crackers, Fiddle-dee-dee, Holy Cow, Sugar pops, and of course Holy Guacamole Batman. Mason now cracks himself up trying to come up with new funny words, some of which I can’t understand, but hey, he’s trying.

So do you have any different, and fun expletives for those difficult times? I know a lady in church who when she gets really upset, which I nearly never, she says, “Oh Pickles.” Love it.

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